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spare, ava rani

The Spare (Biotech Billionaires #1) by Ava Rani – Free eBooks Download


My lot in life is to be the spare to a less-than-worthy heir, constantly living in second place. Relegated to the society pages instead of the business section, I’m determined to make a name for myself. A six-month assignment in London will do just that. I’ll secure my position as the youngest senior partner at my firm and prove to my family that I was the choice they mistakenly ignored. My eyes are firmly fixed on the prize until Marcus sweeps back into my life. My older brother’s best friend turned greatest business rival ignites something in me that I can’t ignore. He maintains a facade of cool indifference, but his eyes tell a different story. One that threatens to set our lives alight.

They call me the biotech Wunderkind or the cold billionaire with a tragic past. Controlled, focused, and always a step ahead. I built my seemingly limitless success by pushing boundaries but never crossing them. There’s no obstacle too difficult to overcome, and no situation is too complex to maneuver around. But after years away, coming home and seeing Sloan is a complication I can’t manage. She makes my mind wander to places it shouldn’t, making me want things I can’t have. She’s a forbidden temptation that may crack the defenses I’ve spent years building.

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