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sound of us, jen samson

The Sound Of Us by Jen Samson – Free eBooks Download


How many vows, made to God and your spouse, would you be willing to break for just one taste of the truest love you’ve ever known? For just one moment of tenderness?
Till death do us part is what Axel Davis promised his husband ten years ago, when he was only eighteen. Even now, his devotion to the marriage was unshakable, despite the bruises, the humiliation; the ever-present fear of the unlicensed gun that sits on the nightstand if he ever tried to leave.
But when a newcomer shows up in their small, forgotten town in Eastern Kentucky, Axel can’t ignore the sound of his beating heart and the unspoken melody between them when he lays his eyes on Eli Saxon.
The war between fidelity and an inextinguishable passion escalates when Axel comes out of remission, and then he has to decide: how many vows will he break for Eli, a man who can neither hear nor speak, but whose touch is a language Axel’s soul understands?

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