The Soldier’s Garnet by Tamrin Banks (ePUB)

soldier's garnet, tamrin banks

The Soldier’s Garnet (Jewel of the Month #1) by Tamrin Banks – Free eBooks Download


Garnet Thorne:
Sitting in a hospital after a horrifying New Year’s Day accident, I can’t help but feel like this year is off to a really bad start. Until a stranger wanders into my room by accident. He’s too tall, too handsome and looks too good in his uniform to be interested in me. But although he figures out quickly that it’s the wrong room, he sits down and talks to me. Acting like he wants to know what I’m thinking and feeling. He doesn’t even seem to notice my scars and limp, leftover reminders of why you need to be careful who you trust.

Jeremy Henderson:
Home on leave, I’m trying to decide if it’s time to retire. The army doen’t hold the same sense of family and belonging as it used to and I’m tired of my nomadic lifestyle. I want a home and a life beyond the battlefield.
The young woman I meet in the hospital tugs at my heart. She’s so tiny and frail, battered and bruised. I feel a kinship with her that I’ve never felt with anyone else. She’s all alone in the world and lonely. Just like me. But I also feel like there’s something I’m missing. Something that she’s hiding from everyone. There’s more here than meets the eye but I don’t push her on it.

When she disappears I wish I had questioned her more. Nobody seems to know where she’s at and I know that I have to find her. She needs me. She’s my last mission and I can’t fail.

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