The Soldier who Wanted Me by Rachelle Stevensen (ePUB)

soldier wanted me, rachelle stevensen

The Soldier who Wanted Me (The Men who Revered Us #6) by Rachelle Stevensen – Free eBooks Download


Nathaniel Richards lived his life day by day. He knew it was the only way to live because it was how he was raised. He knew that tomorrow was never guaranteed and that was a lesson he learned at a young age. After his father dies, he doesn’t hesitate to take even more responsibilities on his young shoulders. He knows it’s the only way to keep his family off the streets. And to stay close to the girl he loves. When an opportunity arises, he takes the leap to join the Navy and he meets a young, cocky Captain, Cabe James. No one questions that Nathaniel is under age and he quickly rose in the ranks to become the first mate. They go through hell and back and Nathaniel came out a stronger man for it. But when he comes home to claim what is his, she is no where to be found. He tries not to lose hope, but with a man who has lost more than he has ever gained, hope wasn’t easy to come by. Will he find her? Or is his destined to live the rest of his life wondering?

Anneliese Lawrence knew she was lucky to have a mother like hers. One that gave up everything to keep her daughter safe. When they find themselves in Whitechapel, the first person Anneliese meets is a young boy and their instant connection was something she knew was to be envied. When Nathaniel makes the decision to join the Navy, she struggles with that choice. But she knows it’s what is best for him and his family. When she learns that his ship was taken, she fears the worst and doesn’t get the chance to tell his family about the gift she was left. Instead, her mother insists they have to leave for their safety. Anneliese is heartbroken. And she fears she will never get the chance to see them again. When her choices lead her to a job that makes her question her morals and her life choices, she knows it’s best to get as far from that life as possible. Will she ever be able to find the man she loves? And find out the truth of her past?

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