The Smallest Moments by Jamie Bennett (ePUB)

smallest moments, jamie bennett

The Smallest Moments by Jamie Bennett – Free eBooks Download


It doesn’t take much for your life to get flipped upside down.

Eimear Griffin knows this all too well. But she and her brother are starting over in a new city, in a whole new state—mistakes and problems are behind them! Now she has a job she enjoys (kind of), friends (not really), and a very satisfying social life (a total lie). But Eimear is in charge, and that’s how she likes it.
It just takes one tiny instant for everything to go terribly wrong, but maybe the moment that she meets Griffin Moody is the world working perfectly. He’s generous and kind, handsome and strong, hardworking and talented. Eimear believes that it’s better to keep tight reins on life rather than be surprised by it, but there’s no controlling Griffin. And that’s ok, right? What could go wrong?
All of it. How about her family in chaos, losing that job, and Griffin surprising her in a way that threatens everything? How can Eimear be her own hero and fix things, again? And how is Griffin going to fit into her life when she pieces it back together, because it doesn’t seem like she can go on without him?

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