The Sisters of Parrish #3 by Hazel Taylor (ePUB)

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The Sisters of Parrish #3 by Hazel Taylor – Free eBooks Download


Three sisters, tragic news, and an unbreakable bond .

Growing up on the Florida coast, in the small town of Parrish, the Flannery triplets were inseparable. Through thick and thin they were by each other’s side, and if asked, ‘Who is your best friend?’ Fiona, Gisele, and Annie would answer without hesitation, ‘I have two best friends. My sisters.’ Along with their half-Irish, half-Cuban father, Riel, and their used-to-be beauty queen mother, Diana, the five of them made up a tight-knit family that nobody thought could be unraveled. When the sisters grew apart in college, however, each of them embarked on very different paths.

On the eve of their fortieth birthday, the Flannery sisters receive a call from their mother—Their father is sick. The triplets rush to their hometown to help out in any way they can. Swimming in a sea of uncertainty, these sisters must adopt the role of caretakers for their ailing father and their overwhelmed mother, all while attempting to keep their personal lives from bleeding over.

Thrown together again in their childhood bedroom, and grappling with a family crisis, Fiona, Gisele, and Annie find themselves reenacting decades-old sibling squabbles—picking sides, and drawing lines, just like they did when they were teenagers. To make matters worse, despite their valiant efforts, it seems the trials of their personal lives stowed away in their bags and followed each of them all the way down to South Florida.

Navigating the rocky waters of a budding romance, work catastrophes, and a bitter betrayal, these triplets soon learn that no matter how hard they try, there is simply no way to keep the personal apart from the familial. The only question is, when sisterly connection is what they need the most, will the Flannery sisters be able to rebuild the bridges that were once between them?

The ones they let burn so many years ago…

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