The Sinner’s Bargain by Airicka Phoenix (ePUB)

sinner's bargain, airicka phoenix

The Sinner’s Bargain by Airicka Phoenix – Free eBooks Download


Everyone knows the stories, the chilling tales of the monster in the swamps. The blood thirsty beast who guards his murder house. Everyone knows to stay away, especially women — they never survive him.
Thoran has two months to find a new bride. Someone who will look past his scars, the blood on his hands and the fact that he can never love them, and willingly walk into a house that has killed every woman who has ever stepped foot inside.
Then she falls into his arms. Naya. Sweet, broken, irresistible Naya with her fake identity and haunted past, she is everything his dead heart has ached for. But loving her is just what the house wants him to do so it can take her. Destroy her. But letting her go would destroy him.
Can Thoran keep the shadows haunting him from touching her? Can Naya see past the scars and whispers in the walls to the man who sets her soul ablaze each night? Or will she be just another rose inked into his skin?

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