The Singletree Collection 2, #4-5 by Delancey Stewart (ePUB)

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The Singletree Collection 2, #4-5 by Delancey Stewart – Free eBooks Download


♥ ♥ The second half of the award-winning Singletree romantic comedy series, plus a never-before-published story from USA Today Bestselling author Delancey Stewart! ♥ ♥

Welcome to Singletree, Maryland, the quirky small town you’ll wish was your own! The place might be small, but it’s home to some of Delancey Stewart’s most-loved couples.

★ This collection includes:

Book Four: Second Chance Spring

Sometimes love makes plans for you while you’re busy making plans of your own…

Finding myself over thirty and divorced, living in the same small town where I grew up, was not exactly the fast track to personal success. So I took action.

I landed a job with a bigger practice in a big city where I’d find more opportunities at work, and hopefully in my social life. I was ready to move on.

But when Cormac Whitewood and his adorable daughters came into my life, suddenly my big plans didn’t seem so shiny and exciting. Suddenly, I was finding myself drawn to the lonely widower, wishing for more time with him.

The thing is, Cormac made it clear he wasn’t over his late wife—and I’d never force my way into someone else’s family. Besides, I’d already made my plans.

So why do they feel so wrong?

Book Five: Falling Into Forever

I had it all. Killer job, to-die-for apartment overlooking the Hudson, and the successful, doting boyfriend.

Well, he was successful, at least. Guys who dote don’t break up with you via Post-It.

After that, I did the one thing I swore I’d never do. I went home to the smallest small town there is—a place so backward my family was still engaging in a hundreds-of-years-old feud with the Tuckers. Maybe it had evolved from the days of shooting one another to slightly more benign things, like filling family stores with crickets and moving a two-ton moose around town. But still.

This was not NYC.

It was meant to be a stop-over. But when a little old lady died suddenly and left her dilapidated haunted house to me, things got complicated. Because she didn’t just leave the house to me. She left it to me and Michael Tucker jointly.

Because who doesn’t want to live in a haunted house with their sworn enemy?

Only I’m not sure Michael Tucker is my enemy. In fact, he’s turning out to be kind of… hot. In a strong single dad kind of way.

And I’m not sure how much I really want to get back to New York City, anyway.

Bonus Story: Straddling the Lines

Sometimes the only way to find love is to break all the rules…

Wade Blanchard and his brother Wylie run the Half Cat Distillery and Straddlers Bar, which sit on the county line in two Maryland counties. Since each county has different liquor laws, this causes a fair bit of confusion, but Wade (who runs the bar), takes it all in stride.

He takes most things in stride, actually. Like the sheriff who hounds him constantly, thanks to an ages-old family grudge, and a woman who actually crashes her car into the side of his bar.

But once he meets Veronica, the troubled winemaker whose very last chance to save her family winery ended when her car hit the side of the Straddler Bar, Wade’s willing to break more than a few silly rules to win her heart.

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