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The Silver Ones (The Silver #1) by Charlotte Mallory – Free eBooks Download


When she has to convince the Alpha of Warden to pick her as his mate, she finds herself frustratingly captivated by the domineering male…whose language she doesn’t even speak.
Brooding Alpha Trope…
A main character who has everything to prove…
Enemies lurking in every shadow…
Sexual tension that has readers flipping the page until the very end…
Once ranked #1 in Werewolf on Kindle Vella
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Women are unexpectedly waking up with silver hair and blue eyes—humans who harbor innate magic in their veins. It’s a power that shifter wolves are hungry to utilize… to the point of abducting Rem Walker right from her home on her family farm.
Her life no longer matters when an Elder Witch ensnares Rem in a binding death curse, threatening the life of Rem’s younger brother as leverage. The only way to break the curse is to meet its demands: convince the Alpha of Warden to choose her as his mate before he chooses another Silver.
The Alpha is shrewd, however, and he suspects things are not as they seem. When a romance buds that’s as steamy as the hot springs she visits, Rem is torn between loyalties, making life-threatening decisions with the hopes to somehow untangle herself from a web of pack betrayals.
In the midst of all this chaos… Rem can’t stop asking: Why her? Why must she be chosen one to bear this curse?
Why does the Elder Witch demand that she mate Alpha Ronan?
And why does Rem enjoy the touch of the Alpha so much, when she has to betray him?

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