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Tera Evans

I have been a sidekick for most of my life. Living right on the very edge of danger without falling into it. The perfect existence, no matter how many people claim it’s a bad role. All stealth and no attention, the way I like it.
But now things are beginning to fall apart in the most unexpected ways.
My best friend is so busy with her boyfriends and bodyguards that she doesn’t have time for me. The two guys I have crushes on don’t know I exist. Everyone acts like everything I do is ridiculous and I’m unlikable. I never knew that being addicted to coffee was basic. Or not cursing makes me weird. Being happy all the time makes me dumb, too. How did standards get this high? Or is it low?
To top it off I lose one of my only confidants in the worst way possible.
I’m starting to lose my happy outlook and don’t know how to get it back.
But… who helps the sidekick?
Heroes are supposed to but I don’t have one handy. A villain wouldn’t care. And sidekicks don’t have sidekicks. That’s just silly.
How the heck am I supposed to keep it together on my own?
My prayers get answered in the weirdest way and now I have a new question.
Can someone bully you into becoming a main character?
All I want is for my story to have an HEA at the end. It seems a long way off.

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