The Sheik’s Alluring Tutor by Erin Snihur (ePUB)

sheik's alluring tutor, erin snihur

The Sheik’s Alluring Tutor (The Sheiks of the Raweer Peninsula #2) by Erin Snihur – Free eBooks Download


Layla Hares never thought she’d find a job teaching in her home country of Narila. Frustrated, she goes out of her way to do the right thing and in the process, catches the eye of the mysterious and panty dropping Sheik Khaleel al-Rad, the man whose mere presence causes a wave of new feelings flooding through Layla.
With a job opportunity on the line, Layla has to figure out what she really wants in this new life of her. A job surrounded by those are waiting to see her fail or the chance at true love?
All Sheik Khaleel al-Rad of Narila wants is for the family he has left to remain safe and secure behind the impenetrable walls of the palace. Twin siblings who have lost both of their parental figures make things difficult. Not only are the twins making it impossible for Khaleel to go about his day holding a country together, but they aren’t completing their lessons and instead are finding new ways to raise their older brothers blood pressure.
Add an alluring and opinionated tutor into the mix that stirs his blood and makes Khaleel want to let loose in ways he can’t afford to and you’ve got yourself a twisting, erotically charged tale.

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