The SEAL’s Lost Love by Melissa Williams (ePUB)

seal's lost love, melissa williams

The SEAL’s Lost Love (Real Hot SEAL) by Melissa Williams – Free eBooks Download


For years my life has centered around the next mission, the next threat. As a Navy SEAL I rely on my instincts and training to see me through every challenge that’s thrown my way. My team counts on me to be a leader and I’ve dedicated my life to being the best in the field.
But nothing prepares me for losing my memory.
After a mission goes wrong, I wake up with no recollection of my past. My long-term memory is nothing more than a black void and fuzzy images. How do I fight to get through this when the only one I’m fighting is myself?
Through it all, there’s a feeling that lingers, deep in my chest. Something, or someone, is waiting for me. If I close my eyes, I can almost see…her?
At every turn I find dead ends. The life I built in this small beachside town one of mystery and secrets. The only piece of information I discover about my past is an address.
I’m hoping to find answers. What I never expected was to find her.
When danger follows me back into her arms, my new mission becomes protecting her at all costs. I may have lost her once, but I’ll do anything to keep her.

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