The Scottish Duke, the Rules of Time Travel, and Me by Diana Knightley (ePUB)

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The Scottish Duke, the Rules of Time Travel, and Me (The Rules of Time Travel #1) by Diana Knightley – Free eBooks Download


A gale rises over a forest in Scotland at the same time every day.
The year is 1670 and a young Duke has ridden out to explore the mystery. He finds, in the center of a clearing, a strange apparatus.
He reaches for it and—

In Florida, 2012, there is a repeating, daily storm.
A young storm-chaser has gone to investigate — lightning arcs, the winds howl, trees whip around her, but when the storm clears she sees it: a small weird piece of tech jutting out of the sand.
She reaches out and—
The portals — active in two different times, in two different places — vibrate, grab hold, and rip them both through time.
They have just learned the first rule: Don’t touch an active portal.
And thus begins a new adventure, can the Duke and the meteorologist learn the rules in enough time to rescue each other from the storms to come?

A love story mixed with contemporary and historical details, a bunch of humor, some suspenseful science fiction, and a few excellent sword-fights — the Scottish Duke and the Rules of Time Travel is a spin-off from the world of Kaitlyn and the Highlander.

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