The Scholar and the Scot by Caroline Lee (ePUB)

scholar and scot, caroline lee

The Scholar and the Scot (Second Chance Manor #3) by Caroline Lee – Free eBooks Download


Olive L’arbre has a brilliant mind but poor vision, mostly of herself. While at Fangfoss Manor with her dearest friends, and a batch of eligible (if not entirely desirable) gentlemen, Olive believes none of them could ever be as interested in her, or her recent paper on Roman architecture, as she is in the latest edition of Journal of the Society of Archaeology. Certainly, none of them could possibly hold her attention better than the daring exploits of her favorite (and likely fictitious) explorer.

But then she meets a man who seems much too interesting–and even more interested in her–to be true. Is it possible he’s the real-world equivalent of her long-time obsession?

Phineas Prince is an adventurer with a fascination for exploring history in far-flung locales. When his sister insists he accompany her to Fangfoss Manor for the summer, his only hope for excitement is the possibility of finding the match to the artifact previously obtained from the Roman ruins located thereā€¦or so he thinks.

But before he can start digging, he meets a beautiful scholar…one who just might be his perfect match.

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