The Saxon Warrior’s Captive Bride by Emily Royal (ePUB)

saxon captive bride, emily royal

The Saxon Warrior’s Captive Bride (Medieval Brides #2) by Emily Royal – Free eBooks Download


Revenge, captivity, betrayal…

Unable to forget the enigmatic young man she glimpsed from afar six years ago, Norman heiress Arlette de Villiers has spurned every other suitor placed before her. When her home is destroyed in a raid, she’s taken captive by Saxon warlord Orson Greywell, the same man she’s dreamed of for six years. Disguised as a servant, she plots vengeance, battling her growing attraction for the powerful Saxon.
Orson Greywell’s sister was murdered by the de Villiers family, and he took revenge by destroying their home and seizing their belongings and servants as a blood price. One of the prisoners—defiant and spirited to the point of rashness—stands out against the rest, and Orson struggles to conquer the need to tame her in his bed.
Arlette’s life is forfeit if Orson discovers her identity. But other forces are at work, plotting against them both. Arlette and Orson must learn that forgiveness is the path to true happiness, before their thirst for revenge destroys them.

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