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The Savages and Saints Brothers by C.M. Seabrook – Free eBooks Download


The Savages and Saints Brothers Box Set
Includes four full-length novels: Torment, Gravity, Salvage, and Beast

Book 1: Torment
Six years he’s been gone, and then he falls straight into my bed. Literally. And I know my torment is only beginning.
I waited my whole life for Zee St. James to open his eyes and see me. But Port Clover’s official bad boy would never view me as anything more than his best friend’s little sister.
He shattered my heart into thousands of pieces when he left. And I spent years trying to forget him. Trying to banish the memory of that one kiss.
I thought I’d moved on. But when he comes crashing back into my life, or rather my apartment – the one he still owns – I’m defenseless against him.
Just when I think I might finally get my happily ever after, a web of secrets and betrayal threaten to unravel the hope I finally found in his arms.
And I’m faced with the soul-baring question: Is loving Zee worth the torment he inflicts?

Book 2: Gravity
There’s only one girl in the world for me. She’s three feet of boundless energy and blonde pigtails. But when Sophie walks into my bar, I know my life is about to change.
Beautiful though damaged, she needs my help. And I can’t say no.
She was there for me during my darkest hour. The warm comfort that got me through to the light of day. But when morning came she was gone.
Second time around, I’m on my guard. Fighting an attraction so strong, it’s like fighting the laws of gravity.
I can’t fall for her. I have to protect my heart, and that of my little girl.
Because history has a habit of repeating itself. And I won’t be burned again.
But she’s becoming the one thing I can’t resist.
We’re just two broken souls fighting the forces of nature and the inevitable fall. Will gravity win, or will we be torn apart?

Book 3: Salvage
Love doesn’t hurt. Expectations do.
Those words were scribbled on the outside of her English binder, but I knew even then that they may as well have been tattooed on the fragments of her heart.
My girl was broken, damaged, and yet I loved her. Foolishly, I’d thought I’d be able to banish her darkness, but I’d only chased it away for a few moments in the sun.
I was too damn young to understand the demons she was fighting. But I’d soon be faced with my own darkness.
Instead of me healing her, she would break me.

Book 4: Beast
London is everything I should stay away from. Sweet, perfect, and my best friend’s girl. She’s also pregnant with his kid. A kid who will never know its dad – because of me.
She spends her life fixing things…and I spend mine breaking them.
The woman has this whole messed up theory that she can heal me, but I’m not just damaged, I’m irreparably broken. And my love for her won’t just burn her this time, it could destroy us both.

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