The Sanguine Queen by Genevieve L. James (ePUB)

sanguine queen, genevieve l james

The Sanguine Queen (The Malvan Chronicles #1) by Genevieve L. James – Free eBooks Download


A grieving princess.
A vengeful assassin.
A mystery they’ll do anything to solve.

In the kingdom of Malvan, Princess Devyn’s world is turned upside down when she uncovers a chilling truth: the cause of her mother’s death was not a tragic illness, but a calculated assassination. Determined to seek justice, Devyn’s quest leads her to the feared assassin known as the Wolf of Malvan, a figure shrouded in legend and brutality.

As they join forces in the face of a looming conspiracy, Devyn and the enigmatic Wolf must decipher cryptic messages and confront shocking revelations that threaten to plunge Malvan into chaos. “The Sanguine Queen” weaves a spellbinding retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, where Devyn and her unlikely ally navigate a treacherous game of deceit and desire.

In this world where magic and secrets entwine, they embark on an unforgettable quest for retribution and redemption. Will they uncover the truth behind her mother’s murder, or will sinister forces snuff out the light of justice? Love and destiny collide as they defy insurmountable odds, forging a gripping tale of vengeance and courage.

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