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The Rýkr Duet by M.E. Clayton – Free eBooks Download


The Rýkr Duet is the story of Avalon and Neve Lively and the special abilities the girls possess. Believing they were the only ones to possess such remarkable gifts, they’re not prepared for Griffin and Easton Keenstone and the impact they’re about to make on the girls’ lives. Struggling to navigate their newfound knowledge, only one thing is certain; Griffin and Easton aren’t going anywhere.

A tragic beginning that ends up turning into a disruptive experiment sends Griffin looking for the piece of him that has always been missing. No longer able to wait anymore, Griffin sets out to claim the only person in the world who can settle his soul.
Unaware that Rýkr even exists, Avalon isn’t prepared for the brown-haired, blue-eyed stunner who comes barreling into her life, upending everything she ever thought she knew. Especially, when the gorgeous boy’s gaze starts to change color right before her very eyes.
While Avalon is trying to get a grip on her newfound reality, Griffin’s doing everything he can to make Avalon his, and he’s not afraid to fight dirty.

A tragic beginning that ends up turning into a disruptive experiment sends Easton on a mission to get even with those who had chosen to interfere with his life. Determined to come out the winner, he does the opposite of what’s expected of him, though his anger hadn’t prepared him for Neve Lively.
Blindsided by such an unexpected turn of events, Neve doesn’t give in easily. She has lots of questions and she’s determined to get answers. It doesn’t matter that a certain brown-hair, blue-eyed jerk is the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen. It. Doesn’t. Matter (so she tells herself).
While Neve is fighting against her newfound reality, Easton’s doing everything he can to make Neve his for good, and he’s not taking any prisoners.

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