The Roommate Switch by Penny Wylder (ePUB)

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The Roommate Switch by Penny Wylder – Free eBooks Download


He’s huge, grumpy, and a total flirt. He’s also my new roommate.

Moving away from my hometown that had more cows than people was always my dream.
When I connected with a girl online who was looking for a roommate, I knew I was finally getting my wish.
Then I opened the front door of my new apartment in the big city…
And bumped right into a shirtless hottie who is very much NOT the girl I expected.
Dash Carter– pure muscle from head to toe with eyes that make your pulse race.
He’s the brother of the roommate I THOUGHT I was getting. She’s sick, so he’s moving in to pay her share of the rent.
He swears it’ll only be a few weeks.
I agree to put up with him if he promises to behave himself.
But can I keep MY hands off HIM?
Life in the country never prepared me for trouble-making eye-candy like Dash.
Can I resist him until he moves out?
Or when the time comes… will I want him to stay?

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