The Room(hate) by Penelope Bloom (ePUB)

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The Room(hate) (Grumpy Boss #2) by Penelope Bloom – Free eBooks Download


Sebastian St. James needed an ego check in the worst way.
All my instincts screamed “run” the moment we met.
The instructions were unclear, so I ran after him.
I slapped him. Then I gave him the tongue lashing of a lifetime.
And then… well, he locked the door and returned the favor.

Mission gloriously failed, if you asked me.
We both agreed to part ways like adults.
No strings. No attachments.

Except I couldn’t stand that he’d been able to walk away so easily.

So I did the only reasonable thing I could.
I threw coffee in his face a few months later at his book signing.
I escaped security over a fence and broke my fall with my face.

Before I knew it, I was recovering in Sebastian’s mansion.
Then he offered me a job watching his cat and staying in his house.

I wish I could say I stared into his dreamy eyes and told him to bite me.
But I needed the job more than I wanted to admit.

So now I’m bunked with an obnoxiously attractive roommate.
A roommate I somehow want to strangle and straddle at the same time.

But there’s nothing to worry about.
Sebastian “doesn’t do relationships.”
All he does is brood, glower, and boss me around.

And just when I think I’ve put up the perfect walls, the plot (and my waistline) thickens…
I’m pregnant, and the baby’s probably going to come out with cute little horns and a pitchfork.

A full-length enemies-to-lovers, secret baby romance loaded with laugh-out-loud moments, crackling chemistry, and a lovable heroine who would look the devil in the eyes and make him say “please”. The jaded millionaire grump meets his match when his mischievous cat-sitter drags him kicking and grumbling to his Happily Ever After.

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