The Rom Com Movie Club #3 by Bernadette Marie (ePUB)

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The Rom Com Movie Club #3 by Bernadette Marie – Free eBooks Download


What more could you need than unrealistic romance expectations from movies, and best friends to watch them with?

There’s always the funny, mouthy, less-than-perfect best friend in a rom com, but the sidekick is never the one to get the love interest. Since Ruby can’t even keep a roommate, she’s fairly sure that’s the life she will continue to live, so she has always assumed her role with pride.
When Jason moves back to Colorado, moving in with someone he knows seems like a good idea. But it doesn’t take long for him to fall for the voluptuous red head in the next room. Unfortunately, the unspoken rule would be to not make a move on his sister’s best friend. But what if it just happened?
True love can’t be stopped, but unforeseen drama always threatens to tear apart relationships and friendships. Do the rom coms have it right? Does it all work out in the end? Or are those movies just full of unrealistic exceptions?

Ruby is sure she knows the answer to that, but what she hasn’t banked on is Jason’s determination to do what’s right for her, whether he gets to love her forever, or not.

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