The Rogue Falls in Love by Eliza Quinn (ePUB)

rogue in love, eliza quinn

The Rogue Falls in Love (The Verner Boys of Vineyard Springs #1) by Eliza Quinn – Free eBooks Download


Karla has sworn off men; they’re all dogs. Playboy Kurt isn’t out to change her mind… at first.

Kurt’s used to all the perks running a resort can offer; beautiful views, beautiful grounds, beautiful women… And his four brothers don’t hesitate to remind him he’s a bit of a player—he uses his family owned Harmony Resort to meet new women. Not that he needs to; every woman in town is in love with him. Despite his many conquests, Kurt’s determined to bed the beautiful Karla, no matter what it takes.

Karla followed her High School sweetheart all the way to Washington DC. It didn’t work out because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. After falling madly in love with her boss, she thought he was the one… until she found out he was seeing another woman and asking her to marry him. What better way to start over than to move to the tiny, safe town of Vineyard Springs?

Will fate force her to forget she swore off love? And can Kurt become the man she needs and leave his womanizing ways behind?

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