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I’m a timekeeper. As the seventh son of a seventh son, I was born a timekeeper. I can’t really say it’s a job I enjoy, but the compulsion to provide my services is something I’ve just learned to live with. It’s often a thankless job. I’ve learned to live with that as well.
When my brother asks for my services, I can’t deny him, but the moment I step into his office, my life is changed forever. One, my brother has been kidnapped. Two, the shifter he sent to protect me is gorgeous from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet and every luscious inch in-between. It’s just too bad he’s a moron.

My friend and former platoon leader made me promise to protect his baby brother if anything ever happened to him. Watching him get kidnapped at gun point put that promise into play. I just wish he’d told me that Templar dabbled in black magic, something a shifter—especially a gargoyle—avoids at all costs. Magic users are evil and everyone knows it.
Between magical wards, ghostly spirits, and an insane maniac out to kill us, I know I’m in over my head. I’m just not sure what to do about it. Not only do I need to save my friend and my brother—who died a month ago—but I need to save Templar from himself. It wasn’t a choice I had. He’s my mate.

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