The Rise of Monsters by Brianna Jean (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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The Rise of Monsters (Angelus #1) by Brianna Jean – Free eBooks Download


“What do you do when the world hardens you? When looking in the mirror becomes too painful and using your fists to let the anger breathe isn’t enough anymore? You either drown and die in your own bullshit or you fight to survive.”

Annalise. Lanier. Cabe. Quint.

One fought underground to make money in the slums of New York City. One lived with crippling guilt, swimming in self-hatred. Another fell in love with a ghost, losing himself to his dedication, while the last spent centuries alone, fighting for control of his own mind.

Unforeseen circumstances bring the four of them together, sparking to life an unwanted bond, igniting new and foreign power in their veins, and bringing forth more questions than answers.
Thrown into a game they don’t want to play, they’ll have to rely on each other to find the truth.

Angels. Demons. A war for human territory.
From the ashes of their pasts, monsters will rise.

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