The Ring of Souls by Vee R. Paxton (ePUB)

ring of souls, vee r paxton

The Ring of Souls (Voices of Vernaria #1) by Vee R. Paxton – Free eBooks Download


Ealach Manor carries a curse. Upon death, a Ring of Souls traps the spirits of its bloodline in a cage to aid the magic of the living. Forever in limbo.
Lazlo DuLaene, the current heir of Ealach Manor, seeks to change his fate. To do so, he must enlist the aid of a witch with a legendary spellbook, a witch he once loved who disappeared from his life.
Marjorie Michel is a fiercely independent woman with little desire to be tied down to anyone. The spellbook is her own legacy, inherited by the passing of her grandmother.
With no memory of Lazlo, only knowing that he needs the assistance of her spellbook, she sets forth on a journey that takes her from her home in New York to the magical realm of Vernaria.
There she comes face to face with the handsome heir of Ealach Manor to discover a life she left behind and a land full of magical wonder and dangers.

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