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rescuer, jordan ford

The Rescuer (Barrett Boys #4) by Jordan Ford – Free eBooks Download


He agreed to a trip into the wilderness for a chance to win her heart. What he didn’t count on was a chilling murder and a race for their lives.

Carmen is the woman for me. I’ve known it for months now.
There’s only one major problem… she’s with another guy.
But he’s so wrong for her, and this trip is going to be my chance to show her that.
She invited me, that has to mean something.
All I need to do now is get her alone for a few minutes so I can tell her how I really feel.
But then a living nightmare happens—we witness a murder.
And now we’re on the run for our lives.
Carmen and I are finally alone, just the way I was hoping… but not like this.
There’s no time to tell her how I feel when all that matters is keeping her alive.
I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she gets out of this.
My grandpa told me that there’s no greater love than to give your life to rescue someone else. I’d give my life for Carmen. All I can hope is that I won’t have to…that I’ll be smart enough, brave enough, to get us both out of this vast forest before the killers can eliminate all evidence of their crime.

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