The Raven God’s Fate by EE Silver (ePUB)

raven god's fate, ee silver

The Raven God’s Fate (Valleywood #11) by EE Silver – Free eBooks Download


All he has ever wanted is to find his soulmate again. But his soulmate doesn’t even believe in love.
Morgan Norn is the god of memory, but his past is too painful even for him. Twice, he has found his soulmate. Twice he has lost him. Now, he lives a life alone, telling himself he’s content to dedicate himself to the steadily growing numbers of gods and demigods in the human realm. He has no intention of letting his heart break a third time. But his fate was spun a long time ago, leading him to this one last chance.
As the premiere event planner in Valleywood, Caspian Chance has planned enough second and third weddings to know that happily ever after is a fantasy created to sell movie tickets and romance novels. He doesn’t have time to deal with some alpha’s ridiculous expectations. Dating the hot doctor who doesn’t look remotely old enough to have birthed and raised two daughters is as close as someone like Caspian can get.
The Fates may have been planning for this since the beginning of time, but there’s only so much they can do to get these two stubborn souls on the right path. And once they’re there? There won’t be a force in any realm strong enough to make them stay if they don’t believe their destiny is together.

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