The Raven God’s Dream by EE Silver (ePUB)

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The Raven God’s Dream (Valleywood #24) by EE Silver – Free eBooks Download


This is one future that can’t be left up to chance.
As God of the Future, Rowen Norn can see almost any thread of Fate, except for his own. And while all he wants is to find a soulmate of his own, he’s been forced to watch his brothers find their own happily ever afters instead. He keeps telling himself that he can wait, that Fate will bring him his love when it’s time. All he has to do is keep waiting.
Then he meets alpha Emilio Kyle, actor and single dad. Emilio and his little girl worm their way into Rowen’s life and heart, and before long, Rowen finds himself wondering if it isn’t time to take control of his own destiny and make a family on his own terms.
But while Rowen has been keeping his gaze fixed firmly on the future, the past has been gathering strength. While Rowen my be a god, there are still limits to his power, even things completely outside of his control. Danger borne of anger and jealousy looms large behind them, threatening to destroy everything between Rowen and Emilio before they even begin.

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