The Rainbow Recipe by Patricia Rice (ePUB)

rainbow recipe, patricia rice

The Rainbow Recipe (Psychic Solutions #4) by Patricia Rice – Free eBooks Download


In the spooky town of Afterthought, Halloween is no time to die. . .

Psychic caterer Priscilla Malcolm watches in disbelief as a glamorous boutique owner drops dead at her Halloween party. Pris isn’t about to blame her appetizers, even if she knows the death isn’t natural. But when the victim’s ghost attaches to her ghost-busting cousin, Evie, she has no choice except to find out what happened.
While Evie’s Sensible Solutions team investigates motives for possible murder, Pris seeks the source of the boutique’s fame in Italy— coincidentally, the home of her nemesis, Dante Ives. Pris’s telepathic skills are limited, but while she searches for a heartless killer, she will need to call on every gift she possesses to deal with the handsome archeologist and the adorable twins his enigmatic ex dumped on him.
Knowing his past is the reason Evie is haunted now, Dante must join eccentric Pris and the anarchic Solutions team to solve the murder before Evie becomes the next victim.

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