The Queen’s Denial by Christina B. Rose (ePUB)

queen's denial, christina b rose

The Queen’s Denial by Christina B. Rose – Free eBooks Download


Chi: I was born for this. Born into a billionaire life of drama and action. A life that most could never handle. I was born to be the Yakuza queen, and I have come to terms with my fate. I won’t fail or falter. I know I have to marry for status and honor. It’s always been an accepted understanding – just another responsibility. But Andy Scutari – he has upended the game table, along with all my ideas for the future, and with it, he has left me to find the missing pieces that I never knew were missing in the first place.

Andy: My job is my life. Like everything, I take it seriously, with a heaping dose of humor. But I don’t let anyone mess with my work or mistake my humor for weakness. I watch this billionaire’s daughter and keep her safe from all threats. Right now, my work is Chichi Yan, and her well-being is of the utmost importance.

She’s also my new favorite distraction. My new favorite student. My new favorite conquest. I’ve been so focused on trying to win her favor, though, that I haven’t had time to step back and realize how deep into this I’ve become. I know she has a future that doesn’t include being at my side. But I can’t seem to let this go. And more importantly… I don’t want to.

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