The Qilin Choice by Hawke Oakley (ePUB)

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The Qilin Choice (Fairytale Mates #4) by Hawke Oakley – Free eBooks Download


Can the bond between a human and a qilin last—even after ten years apart?

After a messy breakup, Nikolas quits love. Alphas only want one thing, and it’s not Nikolas’s personality. Who needs romance anyway? He’s content curling up in front of the TV after work with his cat and a bag of popcorn.
At least, that’s what he tells himself. Because the truth is, the only alpha Nikolas truly loved disappeared off the face of the earth a decade ago—and if he can’t have Jian, he doesn’t want anyone.
Jian is heartsick. As a teenager, he was cut off from his best friend for reasons out of his control and spent ten years secluded from human society. Now an adult, Jian finds himself mysteriously pulled towards the city—the one place he’s forbidden to go.
When Nikolas faces danger, Jian has to make a choice. Will he break the promise he made to his family? Or will he lose his fated mate forever?

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