The Pursuit of a Duchess by Linda Rae Sande (ePUB)

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The Pursuit of a Duchess (The Ladies of the Aristocracy) by Linda Rae Sande – Free eBooks Download


A young suitor with his eyes on a forbidden love… and an old feud that threatens to tear them apart.

Locked in a secret romance with the stunning Lady Amelia, Philip, the Earl of Crawford, is determined to win her hand in marriage… but if her pompous brother Alfred catches wind, he fears their old University feud will shatter their chance at love.
Michael is no stranger to heartbreak – and he’s dead set on not letting his son Philip experience the same pain. But the reclusive widower’s mission to save their courtship brings him face-to-face with a long-lost love – the Duchess Helena, Lady Amelia’s mother. Can they rekindle their spark after three decades apart? And will Helena ever approve of her daughter’s secretive suitor?
Meanwhile, Philip’s sister Violet hatches a plan to draw both families together. She catches the eye of Helena’s son Alfred – but what begins as a fake courtship quickly begins to become all too real. Is she willing to sacrifice the future for her brother and best friend? Or are these two families fated to remain apart?

*Beautifully written as a scintillating Victorian romance novel that charms your heartstrings with themes of forbidden romance and second chance love, The Pursuit of a Duchess transports you into the enchanting world of 19th-century aristocratic society, complete with authentic historical detail and unforgettable characters. Scroll up and grab your copy now…

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