The Prom King & The Ice Queen by Maggie Dallen (ePUB)

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The Prom King & The Ice Queen (Fall in Love Like a Princess #4) by Maggie Dallen – Free eBooks Download


This Ice Queen doesn’t need saving. But try telling that to the Prom King.

I don’t do the whole damsel-in-distress routine and I never will. I never asked Leo Barons to come to my rescue that night. But he did. So now I guess I owe the smug, arrogant prince. Okay, so he’s not a real prince, but as the grandson to our town’s wealthiest tycoon, he’s the closest thing we have to one. And me? I’m no princess. I don’t even play one on TV.
Some might say Leo’s saving my hide and taking the blame for my mistake was…nice. I guess. But being indebted to the entitled, soon-to-be prom king is exactly where I don’t want to be. Now Leo’s being unfairly punished and there’s really nothing for me to do but come to his rescue in return. I may not need a Prince Charming, but I make an awfully good white knight. I can convince his family that I’m the good influence he’s always needed. That his feelings for me have led to his redemption. And I can even say all that with a straight face.
After all, I didn’t spend all these years perfecting my ice queen routine just to melt under a little heat from his family. But when Leo looks at me like I might be the queen to his king… When he holds me in his arms and the pretend kisses turn oh so real… Well, maybe there is a heart somewhere under all that ice. Maybe. Or maybe we’re both just playing pretend.

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