The Professional Body Double by Giovanna Reaves (ePUB)

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The Professional Body Double (Valleywood #12) by Giovanna Reaves – Free eBooks Download


Their love was forbidden but undeniable. Are they strong enough to use their second chance?

High-ranking angel Uriel, has been a professional body double for the past ten years. Thanks to his special skills, he can take on any persona to complete his missions with a stunning one-hundred-percent success rate. His record is spotless, and he never allows his personal life to interfere with his work—not that he has one these days. However, that changes with the appearance of his ex-lover, Azazel King—a fallen angel who always seems to turn Uriel’s quiet life upside down without trying.
When the love of Azazel’s immortal life disappeared from their home without an explanation more than thirty years ago, he closed himself off from everyone and everything. When he returned to the human realm three years ago in Vale Valley, Azazel was shocked to find the lover he thought he’d never see again. But despite having a grown son between them, Uriel ran from him again. Azazel has never stopped loving Uriel and would recognize him anywhere, even when he’s pretending to be someone else.
Despite all the secrets and mystery surrounding Uriel, then and now, Azazel still loves him and vows never to let him go. He only hopes that they can both move on from the past and embrace their future. But there are so many years of hurt to overcome, and forgiveness might be more than they can hope for.

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