The Problem With Love Potions by Katie Bachand (ePUB)

problem with love, katie bachand

The Problem With Love Potions (Lantern Lane #1) by Katie Bachand – Free eBooks Download


Just an average witch, trying to get her soulmate to fall in love her…

Alice Balfour is just an average witch, trying to get her soul mate to fall in love with her. Every day, she happily goes about minding her own business, tending to her coffee shop, avoiding her batty aunts, and loving her magical harbor town of Lantern Lane. Until her world literally shakes.
Theo Parker is new in town for a reason. A small town means fewer people – more specifically, fewer women. But from the moment Theo rolls into town, a beautiful woman begins haunting his days and his dreams.
Drawn together by unexplained powers (and delicious fall lattes), both Alice and Theo have to face the facts. Theo can’t deny his attraction or the fireworks he feels when he’s around Alice, and Alice has to do something about her family curse before it’s too late.
With the Fall Festival approaching and her time running out, Alice has to make a decision. And with the curse looming over her head and strikingly handsome Theo Parker still avoiding her, a love potion seems like her only option.
Of course, she doesn’t try to give the love potion intended for Theo to everybody who drinks her apple cider at the Fall Festival, but she does. So, now Alice needs to avoid the townspeople of Lantern Lane and get Theo to fall in love before it’s too late.

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