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The Princess (Breakfast at Bennett’s #3) by E.M. Denning – Free eBooks Download


Taylor Bennett wants his brother’s best friends.
Taylor is the youngest of three kids. He’s a cook at the family diner, a plant dad, a devoted son, and irrevocably in love with his brother’s best friend. Both of his brothers’ best friends, actually. But they’re in a relationship with each other, one that’s supposed to be a secret. So even if they were into him, they’re already together and three’s a crowd.
Damon Acosta is a pharmacist, an extrovert, an honorary member of the Bennett family, and best friend to Jonah Bennett. He’s also maybe a little in love with Taylor, the youngest Bennett Brother. Damon has always thought Taylor was good looking, but when he started wearing pretty sweaters and shiny lip gloss, Damon’s attraction went through the roof. There’s only one problem. Damon is in a relationship with Nash, Colby Bennett’s best friend.
Nash Weaver is a writer, a hermit apartment dweller, weekly begrudging gym-goer, and in love with Damon Acosta. Maybe also a bit in love with Taylor. He and Damon have always been willing to open their relationship for the right person. When it’s clear that Damon is head over heels for Taylor, Nash gives them his blessing. Only it’s not long before he finds out that Taylor is also into him.
Taylor knows how important Nash and Damon are to his brothers and to each other. He’s a fool for being willing to risk it all at his own shot at happiness, but Taylor has never let a little foolishness get in his way.

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