The Prince’s Captive by Celeste Baxendell (ePUB)

prince's captive, celeste baxendell

The Prince’s Captive (Runes of Pain and Peace #1) by Celeste Baxendell – Free eBooks Download


A decoy bride sent to die. The soldier prince sent to capture her. How far will he go to save her life when even she has accepted her death?

Marcella is a mediocre mage whose only value to her people is the fact she looks like the clan’s heir. When she is ordered to take her place and be captured by their enemies so the heir can fulfill a marriage alliance, Marcella obeys. Her only hope of surviving after her capture is for them to believe she’s the heir long enough for her to escape. Unfortunately the commander who captures her is sharper than anticipated. When he figures out the truth, she is as good as dead… isn’t she? Upon discovering he captured a decoy instead of the heir his people needed for peace, Gavril is torn between his duty and his growing affection for a girl the world has deemed worthless. But what if she isn’t? In her, he sees a path to peace. But if he’s going to keep her alive long enough to prove it, he might just have to tie himself to her forever. With enemies on every side, and his own heart lost to her, how is he going to protect a woman who will always hate him?

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