The Prince and the Highwayman by Victoria Vallo (ePUB)

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The Prince and the Highwayman (Shifters of Arizia #9) by Victoria Vallo – Free eBooks Download


At long last, Dash has finally found his mate. Every moment with Christopher is perfect until Dash reveals the fact he’s a highwayman. His mate runs away, saying their worlds are two different for them to ever be happy. Dash searches for months, and he finally discovers that his shy, sweet little mate is actually a prince. He understands why his mate ran, but that doesn’t deter him from doing all in his power to win the man’s heart.
Christopher had been so sure Dash would forget about him, but the man keeps showing up at every turn. Now, Christopher is on a mission and can’t be slowed down, no matter how much he wants to be with the sly fox shifter who spent months searching for him. He’s watched his brother and his best friend struggle with their fated love, and he knows matehood doesn’t always guarantee happiness. In the end, Christopher accepts Dash’s help, telling himself they could still part ways once his mission is complete.
But the fates have other plans for these four men, and all of these plans are coming together to change their lives, and all of Arizia, forever.

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