The Price of Souls by Dakota Brown (ePUB)

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The Price of Souls (Pizza Shop Exorcist #4) by Dakota Brown – Free eBooks Download


Heaven and Hell are after us and I’m yearning for some hot gooey cheese, the smell of marinara, and the heat of my pizza ovens.
It’s not safe for my employees if I show up at work, but laying low isn’t my style. When an archangel grabs my demon prince, I’m itching for a fight.
As my magical powers evolve, I’m more than willing to go on the offensive, but that isn’t what fate intends. Instead of fighting to get my prince back, I’m searching for the battery of souls fueling Mammon’s campaign to conquer Hell. If we can find and destroy his power source, we’ve got a chance of defeating the demons. But taking on Heaven? I’m an exorcist, not a priest, but I’ll think of something. Nobody is going to keep me from rescuing Ezra.
The angels want an apocalypse, and the demons want an upheaval in Hell. I want my prince back and a quiet moment with my men. Only one of us can have what we desire, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure it’s me.

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