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The Practice Alpha (Love By Glitter Bomb #11) by Maggie Hemlock – Free eBooks Download


Does practice really make perfect?

Amic sure hopes it does. The aftermath of taking down the Rook and Feather Coven has left its mark on the prematurely almost widowed vampire. His therapist has lots of names for his condition and the flashbacks he experiences, but Amic isn’t interested in the technical terms for what causes his visions of nearby Alphas being tortured. He wants them gone. While his therapist can’t offer a miracle cure, they do offer him some advice on exposure therapy. If Alphas cause his unwanted haunting visions, he needs to find one to practice being around. As much as he doesn’t want to admit it to himself, Amic had someone in mind as soon as the advice reached his ears.
Alesky Mink is a lot of things, Alpha, lion shifter, widower, single father of three, part time carpenter, full time bookstore owner, and now he runs his dead mate’s bank as well. To avoid his own recurring inner conflicts since Marcella Mink was murdered outside of her bank, Alesky has set his heart on helping another man in a similar situation overcome his inner demons.
Neither man knows what the other has in mind for them, but as they begin to click together, is everything only for practice or does something real lurk beneath the surface of their hearts?

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