The Pool by Sage Alexander (ePUB)

pool, sage alexander

The Pool (The Girl In My Pool #3) by Sage Alexander – Free eBooks Download


Dreams about her fantasy man…
…quickly turn into a nightmare.
Can it get any worse?
Fresh from flirting with the hot guy next door, Robyn is beside herself. She finally realizes why he looks so familiar. And it totally rocks her world.
He’s her past professor.
She can’t believe she didn’t recognize him from the start. Her cheeks flush red with embarrassment at the intimate fantasies she’s had of him. She wonders if he remembers her.
Zac is stunned. The bikini-clad stranger that’s been constantly on his mind. The reason for him buying the house. He knows her. And the realization is a punch in the gut.
The girl in his pool is a former student.
Getting into a romantic relationship with a past student isn’t a smart idea. What would the college think? Could he get fired? He has a lot to lose. Still, there’s only one thought on his mind.
He wants Robyn. He wants her in every way possible.
Robyn is torn trying to decide what to do next. Apologize and act like nothing happened?
Or explore where things might go between the professor and the student?

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