The Player by Nicola Marsh (ePUB)

player, nicola marsh

The Player (Redeeming a Bad Boy #2) by Nicola Marsh – Free eBooks Download


Her famous smile hides a secret…

Liza Lithgow has it all—or so it seems. As a high-profile ex-WAG, she’s used to the glitz and glamour of being in the spotlight. But behind the dazzling smile and designer outfits lies a woman fiercely protective of her vulnerable sister, Cindy.
A night of unexpected passion leaves Liza torn between her desires and her duties when she discovers her one night stand is Wade Urquart, the publisher who wants her tell-all story.
What starts as a simple business proposition quickly becomes complicated, because as Wade delves deeper into Liza’s past, he unearths secrets that could shatter her carefully constructed world.
Desperate to protect Cindy from the fallout, Liza finds herself in an impossible situation.
Follow her head or her heart?

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