The Peculiarity of Mr. Darcy’s Mirror by L.L. Diamond (ePUB)

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The Peculiarity of Mr. Darcy’s Mirror by L.L. Diamond – Free eBooks Download


Ellie Gardiner has landed her dream job restoring art at the mysterious estate of Pemberley. Once a majestic home in the Derbyshire peaks, the long-abandoned property is in desperate need of help with a crumbling east wing, overgrown gardens, and a house full of possessions belonging to the once wealthy Darcy family. The most bizarre bit, however, is an enormous mirror in the once great ballroom. How does an almost two hundred and fifty-year-old mirror have not one speck of dust nor any sign of age? And why does it not show her reflection? Instead, some unknown lady stares back at her—a lady with a teasing smile wearing an empire waisted dress that one might see in a period drama. Do not even get her started on Fitzwilliam Darcy, the reclusive early 19th century gentleman whose painting she is restoring. He was the last successful master of Pemberley and also another puzzle to solve. Why would a man of sense and education hide himself away from the world? More importantly, why is she so obsessed with a man who has long since been dead?

After a couple of glasses of wine on a rainy evening, Ellie throws caution to the wind and presses her hand against her reflection, only to wake up in a time and place that is definitely not her own. Who is Elizabeth Bennet, and why does everyone keep calling her that? When she happens upon Fitzwilliam Darcy, the very man from the portrait, he comes to her aid, but what she truly needs is to return to her own time. Will she simply wake up one morning and resume her life at the Pemberley of the future? Must she travel to Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Pemberley and touch the same mirror as the one that transported her here? If she is to attempt the latter, she will need to trust Fitzwilliam with the truth, but if she does, will he even believe such an outlandish story? Blimey, what if she remains stuck in the 19th century forever?

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