The Party Planner’s Problem by Jaycee Howard (ePUB)

party planner's problem, jaycee howard

The Party Planner’s Problem (Bennett Family #3) by Jaycee Howard – Free eBooks Download


“I let you go once Paige, I’m not going to let that happen again.”

All my life people assumed I was secretly in love with one of the Bennett boys… but they were always more like my own set of annoying brothers.
And what girl doesn’t fall for her brother’s best friend?
That was a long time ago though. As far as I’m concerned, that ship has sailed, sunk, and is at the bottom of the ocean, now home to a plethora of marine life. But… just like any good ‘ole ghost story, Maxon Grant is determined to haunt me.
When I’m suddenly kicked out of my apartment, the only hope I have of getting my deposit back is with the help of the man I’ve been trying to avoid for the last eight years. Now, I’m not only living with Maxon while we get this whole mess figured out, but the man doesn’t seem to want to leave the past in the past.
Where it belongs.
And when it’s just me and him, his bad boy, playboy persona starts to fade and I’m left instead with the guy that I fell in love with all those years ago…
Now I just have to make sure I don’t fall in love with him again.

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