The Other Side of Fear by Ciana Stone (ePUB)

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The Other Side of Fear (Blackstone #1) by Ciana Stone – Free eBooks Download


She’s weathered all the storms life sent her way. A man who promised to love and cherish, cheated on her and left her penniless and homeless. Her mother’s love came with conditions she had a hard time meeting. She works three jobs to survive, pay her college tuition and take care of her dog.
Ivy reckoned she was equipped to face most anything life threw at her, but some things just aren’t in your wheelhouse. What happens when she arrives to service a swimming pool in an exclusive community is something she never imagined and is not prepared to handle. Being a witness to the aftermath of a bizarre murder paints a virtual bullseye on her back and sends her on the run with only her dog and what she can carry in a suitcase.
Now she has a choice. Trust a complete stranger or take her chances on her own. Were it not for the fact that her dog immediately trusts the hero who comes to her rescue, maybe she’d take her chances. Or not. This fear she feels is overwhelming and she’s not sure she’ll ever get to the other side of it without help.
Could her hero be the answer to that or is she putting her trust in the wrong person?

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