The Other Side of Ever After by Meg Bradley (ePUB)

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The Other Side of Ever After by Meg Bradley – Free eBooks Download


I don’t bring my work home with me.
When I hang up my crown after a shift at Ever After amusement park, I’m no longer the prince I have to be while I’m on the clock. Far, far from it.
It’s never been a problem until I stupidly answer my one night stand’s front door and her ex is there to hand off their kid for the weekend.
Even without my costume, the little girl recognizes me. Now she thinks I’m her mom’s knight-in-shining-armor, and I’m stuck faking a relationship and staying in character longer than I’ve ever had to.
But as time passes, faking doesn’t feel so forced. This woman is sunshine and sweetness and gives me serious true love vibes, even though I know it’s all a fantasy. Plus, as a single mom who runs her own preschool, she’s an expert on playing pretend.
When her ex suddenly wants to get back in the picture, I feel the need to protect what’s mine, even if it’s all make-believe. Even if it turns me into the villain.
We’ve played out the whole fairytale thing. I’m just hoping she’ll give me the chance to see what’s on the other side of ever after.

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