The Orc King’s Harem by Renee Lusk (ePUB)

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The Orc King’s Harem (The Orc King #1) by Renee Lusk – Free eBooks Download


“My King,” she quickly asked, the fog that had overtaken her lifting, “why would you…Rachel was already…”
King Gul turned back to her, and Lilith felt a stone drop in her stomach as she met his eyes. Even if he wasn’t a man, the clear fire of desire exuded from him.
“You sounded better.”
That was all the answer she would ever receive.
Instead of being afraid, it felt like her very soul was on fire.
Born in a land conquered by Orcs, Lilith lived safely secluded from their rule – until she stepped too close to the edge. In an instant, she is ripped away from her home, chosen to be a member of the harem of the infamous and terrifying Orc King Gul.
But it isn’t at all like her nightmares. Enticing bonds of sisterhood grow with other women and exciting, new sensations enlighten Lilith to her burning sexuality. While Lilith craves more and more of Gul’s attention, real danger forms on the horizon, threatening everything Gul has laid claim to – including his beloved harem.
Will Lilith choose her heart or her own humanity?

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