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ones left behind, ari reavis

The Ones Left Behind by Ari Reavis – Free eBooks Download


When Jolie lost her sister, she never thought she would smile again. It was hard enough to go on, let alone think about being happy. But then a stranger walks into the support group her parents force her to go to, and for the first time, in a long time, someone makes her want to know more about them.
Elijah’s been drowning in guilt since his best friend died. Not thinking the support group will actually help but not knowing where else to go, he walks into the room and silently takes a seat. When he looks at the woman a few seats down, something in her eyes makes him think maybe she’s the one person who can truly understand him.
They build a bond through their grief, but then very different emotions begin to come into play. Can they begin to heal from their losses enough to discover what they could have together? Or are the scars caused by the ones who left them behind too deep?
TW: Both of the main characters have recently had a loved one commit suicide. This book deals heavily with this subject, as well as mental illness. The suicide does not take place on page, but is described.

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