The Noble’s Merman by S. S. Genesee (ePUB)

noble's merman, ss genesee

The Noble’s Merman by S. S. Genesee – Free eBooks Download


A merman who possesses deadly magic.
Mo is a merman, born with a magical gift: the Siren’s Song. It’s a primal, instinctual force that runs through his veins, urging him to kill humans, to see their blood. But clashing with that urge is Mo’s soft and tender side, taking a special interest in humanity and wondering what it’d be like to walk amongst them with legs of his own.

A human noble with a broken heart.
Kent Wilson is the heir to the Earl of Fareham. He’d felt his life was secure until his betrothed abandoned him unexpectedly a year ago, leaving both his future and his heart in tatters. After a fierce argument with his father one day, Kent runs away to the beach. Needing some time alone with his melancholy thoughts, he sings to the sea.

What he doesn’t expect, though, is for a merman to hear him.
Together, the two form a secret relationship—one which propels them into passion, and a love greater than they ever thought possible.

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