The Nine Lives of Lord Knightly by Dayna Quince (ePUB)

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The Nine Lives of Lord Knightly (The Northumberland Nine #9) by Dayna Quince – Free eBooks Download


Willet Marsden is the last daughter of the Northumberland Nine to marry. But her London debut was a dismal failure. Staring down the barrel of another season, Willa decides to take her fate into her own hands. When Willa’s travel plans are hijacked by highwaymen, a daring stranger in a knights helmet rescues her. But her mysterious hero is injured, and now it’s Willa’s turn to rescue him.

She’s dubbed him Lord Knightly, and though gravely hurt, he must protect her at all cost. His wound prevents the helmet from being removed, and worse still, he’s lost his memory. Keeping her safe and returning her to her family is his only mission, but he craves more.

They must depend on each other, masquerading as husband and wife, and looking for clues to unearth his identity. But pretending blurs the lines of propriety, and the attraction between them burns hotter than the truth. When the helmet comes off, who will be underneath? Is he one of the highwaymen? A married gentleman? A complete stranger?

His memory may be the key to happily ever after…or it could tear them apart forever.

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